MAMP WordPress to Dreamhost Problem



I am transferring my MAMP hosted WP site to Dreamhost. Am having a number of issues - the main one is that ever since the upload to Dreamhost, it has run slow, or just timed out. This was happening to me 5 hours before today’s Dreamhost Sever issues, so my question is what can I look at to see if I’ve put the files in the right place - could the slowness relate to a setting or a filing error on my part… MySQL DB?

I raised a suport ticket 8 hours ago but no response (am sure they used to be much quicker a few years ago), any help would be much appreciated.

I’m a total novice.

Many thanks, Simon


If your site isn’t 100% broken, you’ve got the files in all the correct places.
You might try optimizing the database though. There are many plugins that will do this for you:


Thanks Matt, will give that a go. That’s more informative than anything I’ve had from tech support.