Mambo not linking correctly

I have tryed everything I know to fix this, and I have an active thread at Mambo general discussion about this.

I’ve installed multiple times successfully, but when I go to to login, all my links point to which is really strange.

Anyone have a fix?

It looks for all the world like a borked config setting or a garbled re-write rule to me. What version of Mambo are you using and has it ever worked correctly (or was it messed up from the start)?

I think you opened my eyes to something extremely obvious…

I downloaded the latest version from, and I uploaded it using FTP Surfer on Dialup. Had some errors along the way I figured it rewrote the error files.

What do you reccommend?

Hmm, before I reupload should I use a different FTP client?

I am not familiar with the FTp client you named, but errors in uploading will cause strange behavior. There are quite a few variables involved, such as end of line characters, Ascii/Binary handling of files, how interrupted files are handled, etc.

On Windoze machines, I use leechftp, and am very happy with it. Really, though, even with my relatively fast adsl connection, I don’t often ftp such large groups of files for installation purposes.

I recommend that you grab the latest mambo tarball using wget (from the shell command line via ssh), extract the files “on the server”, and proceed from there.

This is a much quicker, and generally trouble-free way to approach this, and you are far more likely to have success this way :wink: Assuming you have already created the necessary database (which it sounds like you have, as you do have mambo “installed”, after a fashion), it goes something like this:

  1. Obtain, and install on your computer, a “secure shell” (ssh) client program (I use “putty” but there are others - googleing or inquiring in a forum for your hardware/os should point you in the right direction).

  2. Using that ssh client, log onto your account at dreamhost.

3)If you want to run Mambo from any location other than your “base” dir (reachable at, create a directory to hold your Mambo installation using the mkdir command as follows

mkdir dirname

** Note, DO not type the “” above or in the following instructions. This is used to indicate “return” or “enter”

  1. If you created a new directory under step 2 above, move into the directory into which you are going to install Mambo/Joomla
    by typing:

cd dirname

  1. Still logged on using your ssh client software, use the DH “wget” command to obtain the latest (as of today!) Mambo distribution tarball as follows:


This will retrieve the latest distribution from mamboexchange and will leave a single file in your directory called “mambov4.5.4.tar.gz”

  1. Now it is time to “untar” the tarball file you just received by typing:

tar -xzvf mambov4.5.4.tar.gz

You will now see a long scrolling list of files being extracted from the tarball and directories being built and populated with those files. This is your Mambo installation taking place and, because you did it from the command line logged in as your user, all the files will have proper permissions set (assuming you are running PHP as CGI, which is the default Dreamhost setting - If you are not running PHP as CGI, a different approach is indicated.)

  1. Gather the information about your database with which you wish to use mambo. (Host, database name, user name, password) and use a modern browser to open the directory into which you unpacked the tarball. If you unpacked it into your “base” directory", go to, or if you built a sub-directory for it, go there, ex.

  2. Follow the prompts from the mambo installation screens, inputing the database information you previously gathered, and you are good to go!

Enjoy Mambo!


I responded a little too quickly, as there is actually a newer Mambo than the one I pointed you to in my preceeding instructions (I have edited that message, but I wanted to make sure you see it, hence, this post:

you are looking for the latest stable release at:

or the “development” release at:


Thanks a ton for your great response.

However, you’re talking to a complete and utter newbie with Mambo and web design in general.

I am going to be downloading the stable version which you pointed me to, I had the 4.6RC1 version.

If this doesn’t work I will disect your instructions and do some research and see if I can’t do it that way.

Thanks again~!

You are most welcome. Please don’t be afraid to dive into this stuff; you can’t hurt anything, and I think you will find it is all a lot easier than it sounds.

Given your “just starting out” status, you might want to consider availing yourself of the great DreamHost “oneclick” install system to install Joomla - an absolute “no pain” process (just be patient while the database is being created and the set-up is completing). I have used both Mambo and Joomla for years, and I believe Joomla (which was created when the award-winning Mambo developers broke from the Mambo Foundation) is a better overall platform than the present Mambo (though they are, still, very similar at this stage). I just think that Joomla is more rubust, better debugged, and faster.

Also, be aware that using the *nix command line tool wget will make your life much easier if you are on dialup, as extracting the huge number of files Mambo/Joomla contain on a local machine, and trying to sucessfully ftp them using dialup is lilkely to be a time-consuming and frustrating process; using Dreamhost’s “fat pipe” to grab the master tarball file, and extracting the files on DreamHost is orders of magnitude faster, and far less prone to generate errors.