hi everyone…does anyone here use mambo or joomla, and were you able to install and test? i tried a fresh install the other day of mambo 4.5.4 and couldn’t get the install to happen -

any related experiences out there?

Have you tried to install Joomla using the one click install?


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no, i haven’t! my main site is in mambo though…but i’ll look for the joomla oneclick install and play with it…i havent decided wheter or not to migrate the mambo to joomla as yet…

there’s a lot of instability in the joomla camp rt now, mambo has a way better response rate on their forums and people are more active on their forum, so that’s why i went with mambo…i’m re-developing my ecommerce site in joomla so i’ll play with it with that…thanks for the heads up!

A buddy of mine with minimal server knowledge did the one-click install of Joomla and had no problems. I have no experience with mambo, so I can’t help you there. Sorry!

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

cool, will check that out thanks!

I started with Mambo back a couple of years ago when I first got my DH account. Loved it. But was really disatisfied with any help I needed. Most of the time I posted questions on the board it took days (if I was lucky) to get a response. And if I was lucky the response was either not useful or insulting.

When DH provided Joomla I did my research and posted a couple of quieries on their board. Amazing difference. Not only did I get a quick response, but helpful and not condensending.

So, I switched my origional site from Mambo to Joomla. Backed up the data deleted the site, and Click … Zoooom! Joomla was installed.

So far every mod or component you can see for Mambo you can get for Joomla. And a lot of companies have switched to Joomla from Mambo.

I had a need this week to do an even mod with paypal for a client. Found about 3 vendors who want 20 - 100.00 for their product. A quick search on extension and I found a component for free.

Joomla now has about 450+ extensions and it is growning. Not to mention that documentation is slowly comming on line.

I never really did find good docs for Mambo.

Another plus is currently most Mambo extensions will work. The word is this will continue until the next major Joomla and/or mambo release.

I hope this helps.

For the money (what money) you can’t beat Joomla.

wooooo… sorry to hijack this thread. May I ask what’s the name of that extension that you just found and where you get that?

FYI there’s a lot of documentation on installing and using Joomla! at Dreamhost on this DH wiki page:!

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