Mambo Issues…

I’ve asked this elsewhere, even the Mambo forums, but no response.

I moved a Mambo-based site to a new server, running PHP 5.2.17, Apache 2.2.12, MySQL 5.1.6. Probably that’s the issue, but maybe someone can advise.

Mambo is 4.6.2. There’s a 4.6.5 (still 3 years old), but none of the fixes seem to relate to this.

Using Virtuemart, when someone selects an item to buy, clicks Add to Cart, it jumps back to the home page.

The site was moved from a cPanel to a Plesk server, and the only changes we made were to the paths in the config files (at least the two I found) to reflect the changed locations between the two control panels.

So the question is:

  1. Would moving to 4.6.5 fix the problem?
  2. Can ANYTHING fix the problem?

I’m at a disadvantage here, because the site belongs to a colleague and the original web developer is no longer available. If someone can help, I’ll give them more info on the site in question (it’s not the one in my signature).

Gene Steinberg
Host/Executive Producer, The Paracast