Mambo Forum

I have installed Mambo and got the look I like. I want to integrate a forum that will only be seen by registered users of Mambo. I don’t like the Iframe wrapper idea but I want the forum to be inaccessible to non members. How would I do that so the forum can’t be accessed directly. I am pretty weak with PHP but I can slap some code in a page.

Dreamhost here has integrated their forum in the way that would work for me. The only thing is that you have to login twice which is what I would like to avoid.

Right now I have a phpBB2 board. I am willing to purchase an Invision Powerboard or vBulletin license and convert. I like the vBulletin better. Phil Taylor has a connector for thirty-five pounds UK for the vBulletin connector. But I am wondering if there might be an alternative or at least get some helpful suggestions here.

Thanks much.

Depending on the level of complexity/features that you need, you can install several forums that are freely available as actual Mambo components (simpleboard, loudmouth, etc.). WHile the forums are not as “heavyweight” as phpbb or vbulletin, if they meet your needs you problems is solved by simply restricting the menu option to registered users.

Good question…I wish I had a better answer.


Is there a version of phpBB ported for Mambo? If so, couldn’t you just set the board to be viewable to registered users only?

hmmm, here’s a thread that might help:

Thank you! I have a gift more making the simple complex.
This is much better solution. I’ll check out the conversion options in SMF.