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Anyone out there need a little work? I have a friend who is having a bad experience with a mambo set up/site design, and she wants to find someone to tweak what they have and help show her how to manage it. I’ve never worked with Mambo, but I said I would ask around for her. In total some CSS and layout work. Let me know if anyone is interested.Oh and the last experience was a bad one, so please have references!

Not sure where else to post this, hope it works here.



What version of Mambo?

There are dreamweaver extensions you can download and you can open any template in dreamweaver and just start editing. With the dreamweaver extensons you can easily add mambo formatting such as user 1,2,3,4 modules, search, etc.

CSS is self explanatory, unless the template you’re using isn’t very user friendly.


Unfortunately, you have just described a great many of the commonly available mambo templates many use to attempt their own “tweaking”. There are, however, numerous tutorials (of varying quality, granted, but some are excellent!) about designing mambo templates and guides to css usage with mambo. These are easily found via google, and discussed at length on the principle mambo related community sites.

Three thoughts come to mind:

  1. Check out Joomla - forked/branch/descendant (you choose depending on your politics in the whole mambo/joomla split fiasco!) with more active support than mambo and IMHO better code. Vist for forums that are much more active than the mambo sites.

  2. Spend a little time browsing through the many template download sites available specifically for GPL mambo/joomla templates. There are literally hundreds of free templates with great variety. You might not have to “tweak” at all to find something that works for you.

  3. If you have already had a “bad experience” and want to comission template work, consider going with one of the several “old-timers” in the mambo/joomla template design business. These guys (absolam, rhuk, peek, and many others - you can tell by the samples of their work you will encounter browsing around via suggestion 2 above) have earned their reputations and are not that much more expensive (if at all!) than anyone else you are likely to find.

Good Luck!



Good points.

I personally run Joomla. Joomla and Mambo split not too long ago. Mambo was operated and funded in part by Miro. Miro had different plans for Joomla than the developing team. When they no longer saw eye to eye the developers left Miro behind and started their own CMS branch which they named Joomla (with the help of the community).

Joomla has all the lead program developers and mostly all the add-on developers have sided with the original Mambo team and have migrated to Joomla. As said above the boards are more active and the code is going to develop quicker and more securely. Down the road the huge third-party support for Joomla means that when the two are no longer compatible, Joomla will end up with more add-ons (extensions, themes, plugins, etc). Some compatibility issues are already starting to show.

What it really comes down to Joomla has a much broader community of knowledgable people. And their help is quicker and friendlier. I’ve been on the Mambo boards recently and if anyone is running Joomla they refuse to help. You won’t find this type of behavior on the Joomla boards. Everyone is helpful.

And as mentioned above, getting a custom designed template isn’t all that expensive.
Or you can browse some sites that offer templates for free. Some pay sites have high quality templates as well.
This site has over 600 free templates for Mambo or Joomla,com_remository/Itemid,65/func,selectcat/cat,5/ has another 300 or so.