Mambo CMS

Anyone had any experience installing the Mambo open-source content management system in a Dreamhost environment? It looks like it would be very similar to phpBB in its requirements and skill level.

Wonder why Dreamhost hasn’t offered it as a one-click install???

Yes, I’m very curious about whether we can get Mambo on Dreamhost, too. This would be a welcome addition. It’s open-source. It’s free. It runs on Unix and Linux. So, why not, Dreamhost?

You can install it on your own here at DH. Just search the forums and you’ll find plenty of people who have. As far as a one click install, why don’t you put in a sigguestion for it?


Installation of Mambo CMS on dreamhost takes about 3 minutes, plus the time it takes for your database to be set up, and is very easy to do from the command line via SSH. Of course, you could install the package by extracting the contents of the tarball on your home computer, ftp’ing the files to your server space, setting permissions, etc, but it is a breeze from the command line. I recommend running PHP as CGI for the domain onm which you want to install Mambo. Essentially:

  1. from the “Goodies” section of the webpanel (, create a MySQL database for Mambo to use. Wait till the database is “live” (I’ve had waits of between 5 minutes and about an hour).

  2. Open an SSH connection to your server and navigate to your desired web space (ex. /home/user/public_html)

  3. wget the required package(s) from, presently:



  1. untar/unzip the packages:

tar -xzvf MamboV4.5.2-Stable.tar.gz


  1. navigate with a browser to the space, and follow the prompts.

  2. clean up, if you wish by removing the original tarballs, be sure to remove (or obfuscate by renaming!0 the “installation” directory, and ENJOY!.

You should try it; it really is easy to do.


Rlparker post is very good and (s)he is right that it’s doing your own install of Mambo is pretty easy.

Check out this post for a couple other insights into the process.

Mambo is definately very easy to install. Plus there are many add-ons that with a little work on some, are worth the effort.

I have MAMBO SERVER, a forum, Shopping Cart (though not showing it is active and works), Forms, and now I am trying to add Multi-Site capability. THough I am stuck right now on how to copy a DB.

If anyone knows how to do this on DH let me know. THanks.