Mambo and VirtueMart



We have vintage versions of Mambo and VirtueMart at one of our sites ( The developer of the site is long since out of the picture.

The problem: Click on Store on the left sidebar. Select an item to order. When you click Add To Checkout, it returns to the home page. It’s a recent problem, and we’re stumped.

Anyone have any ideas?


When selecting items, the CMS passes parameters to /index.php as part of the path. See AcceptPathInfo Directive

These parameters include ones that inform the CMS to run the shopping cart pages.

When you click Add To Cart, the same parameters are passed, but as POST parameters, and not as part of the path. So the URL in the address bar reflects the script handling the action only, /index.php

If you are getting what the CMS considers the “homepage” instead of the “shopping cart page”, then the CMS is not getting passed parameters informing it to run the shopping cart.


Complicated, but I managed to fix it, by making sure the URL in both the Mambo and VirtueMart configs were correct.

There was a very slight difference (sort of the with and without “www” sort of thing).

But I sure wish we could get someone to assist us to move Mambo to the latest Joomla, and update VirtueMart, all with keeping content and most styling intact. But we have a budget of close to zero. :frowning: