Mambo and Mod_Rewrite via htaccess


I totally new to Mambo / php / webserver admin, so pleae bare with me.

I’m want to know if I can enable mod_rewrite on my shared
hosting? I want to make sure it will work with Dreamhost before I mess with anything.

If so, is it best done through the DreamHost admin or through my Mambo admin? I see the option to enable “Search Engine Friendly URLs” in the Mambo admin, but it says that I need to change the “htaccess.txt” file to “.htaccess” file before I can enable it. I just want to make sure that this is an okay thing to do before I mess up my whole Mambo installation.

And once I do change the .htaccess and enable it in the Mambo admin, is that it? will Mambo take care of the rest or are there some other scripts that I need to manally add to the file.

I’m also running Gallery2 as an embedded component and I’m wondering how that might be effected with enabling mod_rewrite?


System Info:
Gallery version = 2.0-beta-4+ core 0.9.33
PHP version = 4.3.10 cgi
Webserver = Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) DAV/1.0.3
mod_gzip/ PHP/4.3.10 mod_ssl/2.8.19
Database = mysql 4.1.11-log
Operating system = Linux quid 2.4.29

I have several Mambo installatioons running with SEF url’s enabled. mod_rewrite is installed on Dreamhost’s apache installation.

You should not need to use the Dreamhost control panel at all. Just use the option to enable “Search Engine Friendly URLs” in the Mambo admin, and rename the “htaccess.txt” file to “.htaccess” file. Do this via ssh or your ftp client.

This will not mess up your mambo, and will work fine. If something does screw up, you can always reverse the process easily enough by simply renaming the .htaccess file back to htaccess.tx (or something else) and disabling the SEF urls in the mambo admin.

I do not know whether your embedded gallery2 component will work with the sef urls though. An earlier version did not, but I believe the latest one claims to handle it properly.

Best advice is to try it; you can easily change it back if the gallery2 component gags on it.

Good Luck!