Malware warning, please advise


Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to website building and mainly just edit my sites in Macromedia contribute but have recently started using Dreamweaver MX 2004.

Apparently I have a malware warning on one of my sites.

My PC has just been reformatted so I have reinstalled Dreamweaver and need to make a new connection to my site. I have the site files on my PC already so should I just make a connection and NOT download the site files and so just re-upload the files I have after finding and deleting the malware script?

I assume it will be safe to make a connection while this malware script is there?

Any advice would be appreciated.




Yes, it’s safe to make a connection over S/FTP if you don’t download from server to PC.

With respect to restoring your site, if you still have all the required files on your PC you might get away with simply renaming the directory on the server to, then create a brand new directory and upload the backup of your site (which are possibly not exploited) from your PC into the new directory.

That’d be the easiest way - again assuming your backup files are complete and not exploited.