Making WP Blog my homepage

Hello. How do I make my WordPress blog my homepage?


just insatll it in your folder. If you’ve allready got files there, delete them, or move them to a folder in your home directory while you do the one click install.


If you’ve already got files at the root of your site and don’t want to mess with them, you might try this: Install Wordpress files and blog in different directories

The instructions are for v1.2 but I’m using this method successfully with the current version.

Thanks for the responses.

I already have WP installed and it resides in a subfolder in my folder. I tried to simply move all of the WP root files and WP sub folders under my folder, but that didn’t work. One thing I didn’t do was move everything else out of my root directory first.

Do you think moving the files over should work or do I have to try to re-install?

In the meantime, I will clean out my root directory and try the file move again.

Thanks, again for your help.


I just re-installed it into my root directory. We’ll see what happens.

Moving Wordpress

In case you still need help with it, or someone reading this later does.

It took some doing, but I got it to work. I had to wipe out some databases and reinstall other components, but that was okay because I’m just getting started.