Making small payments throughout the year

Hi all,

I’m definitely going to go with DreamHost. I do have a quick question that I was hoping someone could answer for me. I’m sorry if I missed this info in the WIKI.

So I would like to purchase a 1 or 2 year plan and I know that my billing date would be on the date of purchase or the date of an upgrade, etc. My question is:

Can I make ‘payments’ on my account every so often towards my rebill date? I’d prefer to make smaller payments throughout the year or 2 years to equal to a another 1 or 2 year plan versus having to be billed for it in one lump sum in a year or 2 years when my plan comes up for renewal.

Thanks for your help! This will help me decide the best billing date for me to use.

Yes, the admin panel has the facility to make payments to your account at any time (Billing -> Make Payment), these payments are credited to your account balance. When your plan renewal date comes around, this balance will be subtracted from the renewal fee and you will be billed for any remainder.

I should note that this also applies to any (non-pending) Rewards payments you have accumulated.


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Thanks so much for the info!