Making screenshots

Is there a way to automatically (e.g. using a command line command) generate screenshots of websites by using some kind of software that is-, or can be installed on a Dreamhost server?

Try this that I Googled:

si-blog | Keystone Websites
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I found that too, but unfortunately it only runs on windows machines, and therefore I guess it cannot be run on Dreamhost servers… or can it?

You’re right. My bad. It will not work on the DreamHost server, no.

si-blog | Keystone Websites
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all the solutions I’m seeing require that the program be run from a graphical interface- which makes some sense I guess. Your best bet would probably be to automate it on your home system.

–Matttail - personal website

Thanks for the reply’s. I just found, which is a “a command line program to create screenshots of webpages.” (from their site)

However, it requires that the following software is installed on the server:

  • g++
  • KDE 3.x
  • kdelibs for KDE 3.x (kdelibs4-dev)
  • zlib (zlib1g-dev)
  • cmake

I guess not all of this software is installed, right? Is there a way I could install them? Or does it require an own server / VPS (root access)?

I don’t know that you could do that even with a dedicated server. KDE is a graphical x window manager and Konqueror is the default KDE web browser. It’s possible that you could hack that program and just provide the libraries that it requires to render the pages, but I’m not sure. And while KDE itself isn’t bulky it will require packages from X which also won’t be on the server.

–Matttail - personal website