Making payment

Just wondering. I signed up today and chose to pay with a credit card but when I got an email, it states that I have to fax a form back to them. I don’t own a fax machine so this brings up 2 questions.

  1. If I email the billing of dreamhost, could it be possible to change the payment from credit card to paypal?

  2. If not, what would the cost of sending a fax to the US from the UK be?

Thanks in advance

  1. You’d have to contact billing to get their answer about changing payment methods.

  2. A fax is a phone call, so whatever that is, plus what a business services shop charges to make a fax call. Personally, whenever I need to fax something, I fire up the ol’ fax modem on my laptop and send it that way.


It is worth mentioning that paying by PayPal does have a couple of disadvantages when compared to credit-cards, for example; you can not use a promo-code and you do not receive the 97 day money back guarantee.


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