Making work

I had set up to be fully hosted at dreamhost and set up a wordpress blog so that it’s at

This was all fine, but anyone going to would get one of those white index pages.

I looked on the dreamhost panel and redirected to go to

this now works, but:
a. stats don’t work
b. dreamhost panel shows as not fully hosted, but redirected

I’m thinking that there must be a better solution for allowing people to go to Help much appreciated

Reconfigure in Panel as Fully Hosted.

Create a .htaccess file in the folder:

Redirect 301 /

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Why not set up Mirroring?


How about a simple meta redirect?

create a file index.html in the root of your domain with the following content

0 represents amount of time to wait before redirecting in seconds

Unless you don’t want users to know they’re at, but instead to see at any point of time. In this case you would probably want to create frameset with only 1 frame. I would also try creating a symlink through ssh access, but some php apps break from something like that. Never tried it with wordpress though

A 301, such as what sXi suggested, is the proper way to redirect a site. A 301 tells search engines that the site has been permanently redirected, which is better for search results.


Not to mention Google doesn’t like a redirect in a meta tag very well.

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