Making my wordpress faster



I’m new to this stuff…
i have a wordpress blog and I want to make it faster. I have cloud flare and now i added w3 cache plugin.

do i need to install a php cache object system thing or will this help me as it is?

i mean Im not sure how to install pac or memcach and the option to install my own custom php is greyed out in my web panel.

not that I know what I’m doing at all…


You are probably doing pretty much what you can to in a shared environment to speed up WordPress - - except: you should also check your plugins, and test to see if removing one or more will enhance performance. Some are real resource hogs.


There’s no reason to optimise if you don’t have a baseline. What’s your load time?

If you’re already getting 2s load times, there’s not a lot you can do without getting down and dirty with some serious tricks (async loading, CDNS, sprites, compressing and consolidating scripts & css, etc).