Making an image link more obvious


I was wondering how to make an image link more obvious. My viewers are not going to be very net savvy. The picture of lady with horse is a link

It is a classy picture. How do I best indicate that it is a link?



Several options.

Easiest: Do the same thing you do with your buttons and make an alternate image with a yellow border that changes when the mouse hovers over it.

Most Efficient: Use some CSS (style) to change the Border color upon hover and click.

Least Preferred: Making it a border of 1 or more often makes the border “highlight” as a link color.



Additionally, make the “” text into a link.


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Do you control the images and the text or are they submitted by your advertisers?

It’s almost always helpful to add more clues that users should click on the links to get more info. The easiest is to be obvious - say “to get more info about blahblahblah, go to…” or “click here for…” or “interested in…?”

The other is to create more visual interest/indication that there is something important in that space. You can do this with a mouseover action - the border that Scott suggested or a separate mouseover image.

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You can also use animated gif with an arrow pointing to your title

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I was actually thinking about an animated gif that slowly blinks (very subtle) saying, “click me” or some such. :slight_smile:
In fact, someone has probably already created one. :slight_smile:


I hate animated gifs.

They break just about every marketing guideline known to man :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, research suggests that internet users are “trained” to ignore anything that moves, shakes, or otherwise changes form without the user first interacting with it.

It’s something about things leaping out being associated with adverts and attempts to pull your attention, but it acts in a reverse psychology way…

People come to a site to get the information they want, not to be coaxed into clicking elsewhere.



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Me too! And I agree with the rest of your comments about them.

That said, I must confess that I still occasionally lose the argument against using them with some clients. :frowning:

As recently as 18 months ago a particular client absolutely insisted that his site (for his Pub) incorporated a series of animated beer-taps as accents for his main menu links, and would not be dissuaded. My refusing to do them almost became a deal breaker.

I finally relented and put them on his site, and he absolutely loves them, and says his customers like them too! Go figure! :s