Make "new" text or tags a different color

Squint at this screenshot, and see if you can tell which posts are new:

I can’t, because the “new” text next to posts is a similar color to tags as rendered on list views.

I don’t have a link to an answer on how to do that at the moment, but it would be helpful to me if we distinguished the colors for those two features. :slight_smile:

Uhm … I’m not sure I follow… None of the posts in your screenshots is new to you. They’re all purple-ish, meaning you visited those URL. And you don’t have unread messages in those topics, meaning you are not following them or(and) there are no unread replies.

Below is a screenshot I just took: see the topic Why DreamObjects... is blue-ish and there is a blue circle with 3 in it? That’s because I am following that topic (default since I commented on it) and I have not read 3 messages.

Feature Request... and DreamPress with ... also are threads with a new reply in it.

There could be a glitch in the css though: which topics did you not read of the ones you posted?

Sorry, I should have elaborated, I mean new topics. Here is an example of they look from the Discourse meta forums:

That is how they look by default on all Discourse instances. See how it looks like way tags render next to topic titles on this instance?

I see what you mean… I’ll pay attention next time a new topic popus up and look at the css.

Here’s what the new indicator looks like in the default “DreamHost’s Simple Theme” . The color and shape are different, but it is subtle:

If you select the “Default Theme”, the new indicator is a bit easier to see because tags are grey:

Another way to see new topics is via notifications (in /u/user/notifications or the user popup menu on any page). New topics you haven’t visited appear with a light blue background and thus are easy to spot:

To get these notifications, I think you first have to setup Category or Tag watches in preferences (/u/user/preferences/categories).

Personally, I just use RSS or new-topic email-notifications on Discourse forums, so I don’t have to visit the site regularly to stay informed.

Here’s the generated element, for reference:

<span class="topic-post-badges">
<a href="/t/phpmyadmin-slow/65296" class="badge badge-notification new-topic" title="new topic">new</a>

I made the “new” badge darker. Let me see what you think of it. If you have other color preferences, suggest a color from these:

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Nice! Very popping! Let’s try it out for a bit, and I’ll make a suggestion if I have one. But I think that looks great, personally. :slight_smile:

Thabk you for this link!