Make a subdomain my new main domain


I have created a new subdomain and have it all set up. I would like to make it now be what come up when people go to my domain

I want to make sure i get this to switch over seamlessly. v2 is a oneclick install of wordpress. The old domain was a manual install of worpress mu so I will just delete it and remove the database when the transfer is complete.

Could someone please direct me to the proper steps to accomplish this task? I do not want the subdomain to come up when this is complete.

Do i need to copy the files to the root folder or can i just leave it and point the domain to it? What changes might need to be done in the database so that everything points to the proper location?

Thank you in advance for your help!

There are a few ways to do this, and they basically come down to this:

  1. Log in to and edit the home and site URLs for your site to (this will ‘break’ your site, but don’t panic)

  2. Move all the files from v2 into the

  3. Edit the DB settings in wp-config.php to point to (instead of your subdomain’s mysql, don’t worry, it’ll still work)

  4. Log back in (yay!) and search/replace the content to change to

I like using for step 4.

wow sound pretty easy. on step 3 do i need to do change the names of the databases and all that stuff? the two different databases are quite different since i am using a VERY old version of wordpress MU.

do i need to do anything to make sure the one click install updates so the site will auto update?

The wp-config.php you’ll be editing is the one that USED to be in so it’ll have the old DB information. All you’re going to do is change the DB ‘alias’ from to - if you go to you’ll see they’re all aliases. You could actually change that now and not notice a thing!

But… I kind of blissed on the 1-click move. Sorry about that!

There isn’t an easy way to just ‘move’ a one-click, so we’ll want to cheat :slight_smile: To do that I would install a 1-click in Then manually delete all those files and copy in’s files over. The 1-click won’t know any better! Then you can go into the 1-click panel, click on Manage Installed Applications, and remove v2 from the list.

thank you so much!!!