Major Trouble with Email DNS

[Email Trouble]
Email for one of my domains has failed to work for the past 24
hours. This domain has over 30 active users.

I’ve diagnosed the error to what looks like a DNS/server configuration
problem with mail cycling between localhost, ‘enforcer’, and hannibal
during delivery. My assistant turned on Spam filtering for that domain
and turning it off doesn’t take ‘enforcer’ out of the loop. Turning it
off doesn’t fix the mail problem either.

My other 2 domains are processing email fine and are hosted on the
same server. What is different is that ‘’ is the
target of the MX record instead of ‘’ like in the
other 2 domains.

I even tried removing the domain and adding it back in but the DNS
suddenly reverted back to MX records using ‘enforcer’ after just a
couple of minutes.

Has anybody seen this problem before? Does anyone have a fix?


I’ve posted several messages with DreamHost support and haven’t heard
a peep out of them. I also noticed that their backlog of problems has
grown from 319 to 345 over night so I’m not even sure they are working
problem reports.

Does anybody know if this is normal?
What is the normal turn around time?
How long do I wait before I pull the plug on DreamHost?

Looks like delay occured in the propagation of the DNS info.

I have managed a work around for delivering email to a specific address. It is slow and cludgy but I am moving all of my accounts over.

Still no word from DH.