Major reliability concerns w/ "washington" server


My site’s hosted on the server and it is very unreliable, one of the worst I’ve experienced since I started getting into web development about 9 years ago. I was very impressed with the panel and features of Dreamhost and especially the price, but now I’m re-thinking my decision to host my other three (higher traffic) sites on Dreamhost.

The site I’m currently hosting here is getting less than 1000 pageviews/day yet still goes down at least twice or three times per week, some times even more. If it’s up it loads pretty quick, but it seems to go down repeatedly throughout most days for 15-20 minutes each time.

Anyone else having major problems with this server? Perhaps the more expensive servers are more reliable but at this point I don’t know if I want to risk it. Thanks.


Checking washington’s history, it was determined to have bad memory on 4/20/06 at which time it was moved to new hardware. The machine was up until today 5/10 when it crashed at 8 am PST and was quickly rebooted. Have you experienced downtime other than at 8 am this morning since 4/20/06? If so can you please include your domain in a response to this post so that I can investigate causes other than a machine reboot? thanks!


Ah, I’m glad to hear there was a reason for the downtime. That really restores a lot of faith for me.

I’ll let you know if there are any other problems. Thanks.


I’m on sepulveda and it’s crashing everyday, usually once, not rarely twice, each time the outage is not less than an hour.

The server load starts going through the roof about 20 mins before it crashes, reaching something like 190 150 100 before it stops working. I am patient, but this has been happening for over a month, and I know when it crashes because I get emails from a monitoring service.

Not to be too pesimistic, I have been hosted on more unstable servers, and the service offered is fantastic if only the culprit to these crashes can be found already.


I have also been noticing a lot of downtime on sepulveda lately. I have not even been using a monitoring service, but have just been happening to catch it when I go to check or do something on my site. I notice it every other day or so. It can get very frustrating when you just want to see or change a little thing on your site and “oh hey it is down for an hour or so Again”. Hopefully, whatever is causing this will be fixed sometime soon, though.