Major problem getting in touch with support

So earlier today I got an email message from billing claiming that I had initiated a chargeback on a payment I made earlier in the week (a payment that wasn’t due until July 1, so it was early). I hadn’t. More, Neither my bank nor Paypal has any record of such a chargeback.

So Dreamhost tells me I owe them $50 for the inconvenience of the chargeback that doesn’t actually exist, and to “protect” my payment method they’ve suspended my entire account. This means that none of my files are accessible in any way, and my Dreamhost Panel functionality is reduced to bare-bones support email. That means that none of my callback requests are available and no Live Chat.

They tell me I need to send them $16 as a chargeback fee (I had a positive balance running with them, obviously), via snailmailed check, to be sent to a an address that is not onsite (and from which mail is only delivered to billing twice a week). This means we’re looking at a couple of weeks to get the suspension lifted and my files freed.

This is bad enough for someone who’s paid early every month for 15 years and spent a lot of time pimping out DH to other potential customers. It’s a slap in the face and a major inconvenience. What makes it worse is that I use one of the domains on my DH account to serve readings and syllabi to my college students. Usually, if there’s a dns error or something that renders my sites/files inaccessible, support can fix it within hours if not minutes. But right now, I have Summer school starting on Sunday. My ETUDES classes point to many readings on my professional site at Dreamhost, and my in-person classes have online schedules and readings on the same professional site at DH.

Obviously, I need to get this resolved ASAP. I’ve already complained to Paypal, and they apparently have an account coordinator that deals specifically with Dreamhost payment issues who is trying to get in touch. I have explained to Paypal that this needs to be resolved in the next couple of days. What I really need to do is speak to someone directly at Dreamhost myself, but now that I’m blocked from the callbacks I’ve paid for (and LiveChat), it seems like all I’m left with is the sales form on the main DH page and support emails. I’ve sent all the pertinent details to both, though I suspect my messages aren’t a priority right now because my account is in the “deadbeats who charge back and now owe us money and get to sit there and have no websites ever until we decide to cash the check” file right now. I haven’t gotten any confirmation responses like I usually do.

Any advice? Any DH employees around who can help? If I don’t get this resolved in the next twelve to twenty-four hours, I will have no choice but to move everything to a different hosting service.


I heard back, fwiw, but apparently the csr didn’t read my messages or listen to what the paypal rep said. They listed a paypal email that isn’t mine. Obviously, I’m being confused with another paypal user.

Small victories: I was able to request a callback and now have use of the paypal/credit card payment feature again.

Okay, now it’s supposedly fixed and the fees removed and everything reenabled, except the fee is still sitting there on my account and none of my files have been reeactivated. :confused: I got a contradictory message from support to the gist of “it’s all fixed and your account is fully reenabled, except it’s not reenabled because we need to find out why the mistake was made.” DH is blaming Paypal/the bank as perhaps paying on my behalf instead of the other user by mistake and then charging back, but that’s clearly not the case. FREE MY FILES, DREAMHOST. Summer school starts in less than 48 hours.