Major mail issues :(

Ok, there are 2 very annoying things with mail that is causing me grief.

First off, spam. Spam. Spam. Way too much, voted for it in the suggestions (upgrade to latest spam asassin config). Please do it! Right now it’s almost useless.

Second, randomly every few weeks, all mail re-downloads to all computers on my network. This morning 100+ emails, dating back to the 4th (I told you the spam was bad) re-download. I havn’t logged into webmail or altered any settings recently. Why would it do this? It’s annoying and hard to explain to my co-workers. Right now I host our company website for free, and I have to use that justification for why the email sucks so badly (to put it bluntly). They don’t appreciate the storage capacity or bandwidth as our corporate site is rather small.

Anyways, and ideas on the second issue? Thanks!

I voted against spam. If you want to have a say in this, go to the voting page and do it. ( )

Regarding downloading email - I assume you’re using POP rather than IMAP. If you have an IMAP capable client - unless you know something I don’t - convert immediately.

It’s slick.