Major issues with emails

Some of them are new since DH changed the system, some of them are old but I was hoping that they would be fixed with the new system. No such luck though.
So all in all I have now reached the critical point where I cannot function correctly at all:

[]Deleting/moving emails through IMAP from inbox to subfolders keep the original emails in main inbox when accessed through the new webmail (atmail), making it very quickly impossible to use it already.
]Cannot add anything anymore to whitelists/blacklists (I don’t get an error message when I try, it just does nothing). Removing an existing entry does work though (not that it helps in my case). Possible hint: would you have reduced the number of whitelist/blacklist entries allowed?
OLDER ISSUES THAT I STILL HAVE (all of them are now critical too):
[]How can I add rules where I want the incoming mail to actually bounce hard, not just go to my junk box? (example: I want all emails coming from the .men top-level domain to bounce)
]How can I add wildcards in the whitelists/blacklists filters (example, in the domain:
]How can I put more sophisticated filtering in general? Do I need to create shell accounts and set up .procmailrc? If so, would that go before or after the regular filtering? How would I deal with existing inmail boxes that have currently no shell accounts?
[*]Some of the filters that move emails automatically to subfolders result in those subfolders taking an insane amount of time to sync through IMAP, even when the said subfolder is almost empty and there are just a few new emails, it takes about 1 minute per email to download. This problem appeared about a couple of years ago I think, maybe a bit more (time flies!). Access through webmail is fine though.
I have opened a support ticket with DH a few days ago, with only a partial list of all those issues. No answer so far :frowning:
This is a bit disappointing because, while I have been a customer since many many years, I have never had any issue that required me to use support. And now this and no help…

I cannot get to atmail.dreamhost from any of 3 PC browsers or 3 mobile browsers on Android via my home ISP. When I switch to mobile 4G I can get to atmail.dreamhost. This problem started immediately with the end of SquirrelMail. Basically I am locked out of my business website email. Having to apologize to customers that I must use my personal email to communicate with them. I had only been using SquirrelMail for a few days when the change wiped me out. A horrible welcome to DreamHost. My website is built on WordPress. I don’t know where to go to solve my problems. Weeks spent developing a webpage, a couple days of it up and running and then no email access via my domain name.

Have you looked at, ?

Hi Art005,

It sounds like your IP may be banned if you can connect once you are out of range of your home ISP. We suggest you submit a ticket here:

Be sure to submit the ticket from your home computer so that we can grab your IP address and check it against our blocked list.

Just found your reply. When I try to go to that link, The connection has timed out, just like when I try to get

A little more description: My portable computer can access using the same ISP at the public library. The Android device can access via 4G. But the desktop PC, notebook PC and Android on wifi at home cannot access the email login screen. Nor can I access your link. I have no other access problems to any other web pages on whole world wide web via my home internet connection.

many people have a lot of problems since one month, the staff should correct it with some patch.

I continually get spam email from Each time I move it to Spam but it just keeps coming and coming. Why doesn’t the system learn???

First of all, you should be able to block messages from very easily at the root: from Probably these messages don’t come really from twitter though, they may be forged…

Why doesn’t the system learn? Not sure why… are you following the instructions written on this article?

If you are doing that to mark messages as spam, maybe it’s time for you to open a support ticket and have your inbox investigated. That’s the best way to get to the root cause and solve this sort of issues.