Major email problems since I moved here

I just transferred my site to dreamhost last week. The first 2 days I got my email – seem normal. Then I was not getting any email at all. Daily updates emails were suddenly no longer showing in my inbox. After multiple support service request – it appeared that on Friday they found that the Junk Mail filter – note from customer service person: “For some reason, the junk mail filtering was not updated with that information. The mail filtering server did not recognize your domain name, thus causing the bouncebacks.”

So by Friday afternoon it looked like the problem was solved – but over the weekend email dropped off again. So today I sent over 10 test emails from my work agency account to my dreamhost account email addy. Nothing was coming through. So by mid day I turned off the junk mail filter on my account. Still no test emails were coming through – nothing. So late this evening I get an email about junk email being held – it was just 2 of the over 10 from my work account that were held in the junk folder. OH but I am getting some great spam/junk email from drug companies – a few of those have filtered through.

I have my email set up on Mac Mail. Now it keeps asking for my password – yes it is typed in there right.

GEEEEEE? any answers? Any suggestions?
I use Mac Mail ((never had problems before this week))
OSX 10.4.8

I am experiencing the same email problem with Mail asking for the password every five seconds. I am currently working with support to try and figure out the problem.

I wish the password problem was the least of my problems. I am not getting emails. I was about to to Apple to see if there is an update on Mail.

I have no clue why this was working FINE for two days – then it all went down hill. :frowning:

Open Keychain Access, located in Applications/Utilities (or click the link provided on this page). Locate and delete the mail account password item. If this item does not exist, choose File > New Password Item. Enter your mail account information and password. Click Add.

Open Keychain Access, located in Applications/Utilities. Choose Window > Keychain First Aid. Select the mail account you want to check and click Verify, then click the Start button. If the log that appears suggests repairing, click Repair, then click the Start button.

Open Disk Utility, located in Applications/Utilities. Select the volumes (for your hard disk or disks) in the list of disks and volumes. Click Verify Disk, then Repair Disk, if necessary. Send a test email to yourself.

If your password still isn’t being saved, choose Mail > Preferences and click Accounts. Delete the mail account that is not saving your password. Add the account again, using the correct settings. You will lose account-specific settings, but not messages. Your messages will be downloaded again from the server. If you have a slow connection, this could take awhile. To test this, send a message to yourself.

cpmv2, have you had any resolution to your Apple Mail problem? I am having the EXACT same problem since upgrading my MacBook Pro to OS X 10.4.8. I have tried deleting the account AND all keychain records of the account, and still the problem persists. Any help you can share would be excellent.

My issue was that I was using the email address as the username and not the Dreamhost generated username. So when Mail checked email the password wasn’t passed right, Mail then leaves the password field blank so it asks for it all of the time. It’s odd because it worked like that for a while. My Keychain Access was also all screwed up. See wtraub’s post. I had to delete all of the entries and start over. I deleted all accounts and recreated them using port 587 and the new usernames. Now everything works.

it’s not an apple issue… the passwords are being rejected on EVERY SINGLE email account on every domain (30+ domains) on my account.

back to the good old nonreliable dreamhost.

I’ve had major problems for the last month or so with email. Today IMAP keep dropping the connection. It’s not our network, we’re in two different offices with two different networks and two different ISP’s. 4 hours later still no response from Dreamhost.

Can anyone tell me if I move to another host for email (MX records) will I lose all the IMAP messages stored at Dreamhost?

Here’s one suggestion. There are other ways of accomplishing this and there may be better ways?

After making your DNS MX changes, you should be able to create an entry like “”(you get the idea, right?) and point it to your DH mail server. This is fine as an “A” change in DNS… obviously not an MX entry.

Your PC IMAP client users would have to update their account settings with the “” address. Along with creating a new account using your new and improved mail server of course!

I have no idea how/if DH’s webmail would function.


OK – tried my directions last night that I had found in the Mac Mail help section. I will look at what I did and what you did and see if there is anything else that can stop this constant password denied message. Thanks for your input.

I did the tweaks like you said – for the past few minutes I have not had one password denied message.

:smiley: thanks for posting!

Fantastic - that was frustrating. Thanks for your input as well.

an update:
the Dreamhost customer service staff did somethign to my email – OR it was the fact that I had turned of the junk filter. I have no clue. But it does look like mail is flowing now. But without the junk filter ya boy – I get a load of junk too.

with the help of Mac Mail help guide and a poster here – it looks like the constant messages about my password being wrong – could be solved. I’m not holding my breath on any of this yet!

So someone just recently posted about their update to OSX – I updated my PowerBook G4 just this week. I’m sure a lot of did if we do the software updates. Do you think these problems have to do with the OSX update? It just made me wonder.

I’m not a techy person – just a photog/graphic designer. Clueless on the technical things. I know how to design and load my site – these problems are not what I can deal with. I wish I had cpanelx though to manage my site. I miss that from my old hosting company.

As far as I can tell it’s not a Mac problem, it’s an IMAP problem. I’ve been having problems logging in consistently with Outlook for 2 days now.

Good thing it’s not my main e-mail account. Oh wait… it is!

I don’t know of e-mail bouncing, but retrieval has been less than stellar.

I was having trouble with people send me emails and having them returned to them (the sender). AS FAR AS I KNOW – all of my emails going out have been OK. I’ve tested my work account several times today and all emails go through – but yesterday all sunk in a black email hole except for two that the junkmail filter (after it had been turned off) caught and held in the webmail junk folder. Talk about over aggressive!

The password rejection is Dreamhost’s problem. It happens to me on Thunderbird (XP) and Apple Mail. Often, I might add.

When you add SMTP relay errors, I have some kind of trouble with mail on average of once a DAY now. This is ridiculous.

I check multiple accounts hosted at DH - I noticed that during all of the problems I had with one account, another account was working perfectly.

The account that worked was its own user (bash/ftp) which leads me to believe that the issue is related to the m###### accounts. According to the panel, mail client usernames should use the m###### name, while the wiki (more recently edited, I assume) says that the e-mail address is allowed as the username as well.

I wonder if that support is flaky. Anyone having better luck?

I have no problems whatsoever checking my email with the new user@host.domain logins via mail client. The only problems I’ve had with the server is if it’s down for, say, 5-10 minutes or if my ISP connection’s being flaky… like, you know, now. Of course, my email isn’t that important that 5 or 10 minutes will grind the world to a hault, so eh.

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Same here… I’m also using Mac Mail on OS X 10.4.8

It isn’t a mac problem though, by the looks of all the comments here, Dreamhost needs to get there sh*t together regarding this problem.

I only recently left Powweb to come here and will quickly go back if this crap isn’t taken care of.