Major email delays?

I’m suddenly received a slew of emails that were sent to me 2-3 days ago. They’ve been coming in intermittently, and the problem doesn’t seem to be consistant. For example, a friend sent me two emails on 10/22 within a minute of each other. I received one of them immediately, but the other just got to me today (10/25).

I can’t figure out what the problem could be if it’s on my end. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?

I have a few forms that send email to my dreamhost account and another one. It always gets to the other one faster, but I just had a few on the dreamhost account that took a couple hours to arrive.

i’m having the same problem here. such a bummer

We have been experiencing lost and delayed email messages for two weeks now.

It’s still happening for all my domains hosted at DH. I’m starting to considering moving to another hosting service.