Major Ddos this morning?

Maybe it was because TOO MANY customers accessed their panel to disable FTP user login?

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Doubtful. Some lame assholes in IRC roughly a week ago decided to DDoS DreamHost because their account was shutdown (mind you, it was a couple members of the site that was shutdown doing the DDoS, supposedly not the owner(s)). Needless to say, as I won’t go into the pointless details, I wouldn’t doubt they having another go at DH.

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Nah, Dreamhost gets hit with a DDoS now and then, most providers do. Generally someone gets ticked that their site was taken down or they’re mad at someone who runs a site that’s on Dreamhost. Or they could just be bored, you never can tell. Pretty much all hosting companies get hit with these from time to time, they’ve become a de-facto part of life online.

Is it a ddos too when our panel got down some days ago ?

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I imagine the DDoS, if it was large enough, would have adversely affected all traffic into the DreamHost network.


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