Mainstream V Adult

With a gay adult male website/weblog that will contain notable amounts of “mature male viewers” materials (but as only a part of the content, though an important one), is there any reason/advantage to go with DreamHost over hosting services catering specifically to the “adult” market?

Price? Most “adult”-specific hosts I’ve heard of have been considerably more expensive than DreamHost without offering any real additional benefits.

Ive heard that “adult” hosting services cost more. But dont they bring with them an added amount of security or guarantee that questionable content (no matter if its within legal range) will not be cause for censoring, editing or deletion?

In theory, yes. In practice, we make the same guarantee that any (legitimate) adult host can: we impose no restrictions on what you can host with us beyond what the law requires — so, as long as your content is not illegal, you have nothing to worry about.

Thanks for the clarification; sorry for my tardy acknowledgment (was literally out of communication range for the last few days!). As per, are there any adult-materials-oriented sites hosted by Dreamhost that you can recommend I take a look at? Or is that information hard to come by and/or not prudent to divulge? Also, and this is theoretical: I suppose any form of male nudity - on a website’s mainpage - needs to be prefaced with a (NFSW) “gateway”? Or is this a “grey” area too?

There are a ton of adult-oriented sites which we host; however, owing to our privacy policy (and because we don’t maintain any records of what sites are “adult”), I can’t just hand out a list. Sorry.

“Gateway” (or “warning”) pages are a common practice on adult sites. They’re not required by any law, nor by our policy, but they’re a good idea in general.

Really, it just seems common sense to have a gateway. I feel even 4chan uses a excellent system of a gateway so people know what they are in for.

So, you could even look at just adult sites in general and see how they implement their systems.