Main Shell Account


I would like to have a so called Main Shell account where I can manage all my addon domain’s data on a single shell.

For example,
my main shell account is mainshell
my addon names are: | ftp: ad1 | ftp: ad2

I want to be able to use mainshell to manage (create/ upload / download / delete / compress) the data of ad1 and ad2

Is this possible in dreamhost? if so can you give me an overview?

On other hosting, in fact, this can be done. =]

It looks like you need a group :slight_smile:

i’m not sure what the problem is. all of the domains are listed in /home/mainshell/ when you log in as mainshell, no? i manage 4-5 domains from a single shell/ftp account…

When you add a new domain to your hosting plan, you do have a option to add it under the same user or a new user.

If it is added under a new user, domains are managed by different users and totally independent. If you want to manage domains across different users, unix group comes in to play.

Thanks for your responses. My addon domain also needs a separate ftp account for my users to be able to upload files, and I also need to access their data for maintenance purposes. I actually have dreamhost account but I am planing to move to another hosting which has a main shell account where I can manage everything using that account (main shell account). Having a difficulties on managing my addon domain’s data on a single shell account is a show stopper for me. I am thinking about this solutions but I am not sure if it will work.

Main account shell (mainshell)
sharedbin ftp account >>> symlink to /home/mainshell/
(ln -s /home/mainshell/

So when addon1 ftp account login to its FTP (regular ftp port 21) account, can he open the symlink to /home/mainshell/ and can write files to it?

Hope you guys can help me here =] what about groups?


FTP won’t let you out of your addon1 user’s sandbox (home directory). You’ll need SFTP. And since you asked about groups:
The article has some broken image links, but describes how to do what you want.

So when I use SFTP, do my users be able to browse other directory besides the one i symlink? (/home/mainshell/, so security reason, I do not want my users be able to access other directorys besides that.

Thanks, I will review the wiki youve provided. Any suggestion will be highly appreaciate!

All directories are protected unless you give that user permission to access that directory. Anybody may use SFTP, so that protection is already turned on.

I have symlink worked. however, when I login via SFTP, I can view the content of /home/mainshell, /home/ is there a way to restrict from viewing the content of other directory besides the one I assign them (/home/mainshell/, meaning addon1 user must be jailed on /home/mainshell/

I’ve never been able to get the groups to work as per the wiki if enhanced security is on. I’ve gone through all the motions of setting up groups, chgrp of the directory and files, make a symlink from the new user’s account to the directory I want to share, etc, etc, but no go. Permission is always denied unless I turn off enhanced security, which I don’t want to do. The way around it that I found a while ago (but might have forgotten) is that I turn off enhanced security for the other person’s account, and then I can go in, chgrp on the uploaded files, then move them over manually. I kind of gave up on the idea after a while.

I’m still learning, so please don’t take this as advice.

@bobocat: Thanks for you input =] I am also looking for a solution. I will post it here once I got it.