Main page header in Wordpress


How do I change the header on my main page? I know I set it some place but can’t remember where. I’m very green at this. I can see where you can edit the page but not the header.


wordpress menu > apperance > header

You shoud really do some studying and research or get a designer


I’ve got the header in but it’s all small letters - no caps - even though I entered it with caps. It must have to do with the theme.

It was suggested on the site that Wordpress is a no brainer for beginners but I believe that this is an over statement. I bought 2 books on PHP and MYSQL but it will take some time to learn.


if you want to alter the look and feel of the content on your site you need to learn cascading style sheets. php and mysql knowledge is great but not really critical unless you are just wanting to know the ins and outs of the software itself. css, however, is a necessity if you want to change the appearance of your site.