Mails I send getting marked as spam



I have Dreamhost hosting ($119 per year) and have for more than a decade.

I have my own domain and use Dreamhost’s mail hosting. It’s used for my daily email. No bulk emailing.

A few months a few emails got bounced back to me, saying the IP of the mail server was on a block list. I mentioned this to Dreamhost support and got a canned reply. I also went to the block list site, as directed in the bounced email message, and complained to them.

However, my emails are STILL being automatically marked as spam. I setup a new address for my wife, for example, and tested it by sending her a message. It was marked instantly as spam. People have told me they missed my mail because it was filtered as spam, and I’m not getting replies to some emails I send – which implies they’re being filtered and therefore missed by their recipients.

What’s going on? How can I avoid this happening? I’ve a feeling the answer is going to be “it’s a fact of life on shared hosting” but surely that isn’t acceptable?

If I fix this by moving my mail hosting elsewhere, will my domain still be marked as being spam because it’s associated with that Dreamhost IP address?


I only get this this I think it’s a problem their end. I get this with other domains I own that aren’t hosted by dream host.


You will want to configure the anti-spam settings by whitelisting the specific email address or all email addresses for a domain:


Thanks Ohnolo but it seems you didn’t read what I wrote.

I’m not having problems with spam. it’s that emails I send are being considered spam by other email providers as spam.

Having done some research since I posted it seems this is how it is with Dreamhost. My Dreamhost hosting is due for renewal and, after more than a decade, I think it’s time I took my business elsewhere. It’s going to be a major PITA to transfer sites etc. but put simply I HAVE to have email that works.


Hi Keir,

We do have some extra info regarding block email here

However I would suggest replying back to the last email our support team sent letting them know the issue is still happening or submit a new ticket asking for our abuse team to look into why the mail is getting blocked here

Matt C


You need to avoid implementing any (free, sales, offer etc) words and image attachment in your email signature and it will work normally :wink: :blush:


Thanks kristinechua8h but most of the time I’m just sending plain text emails without a signature other than my own name.

The problem here isn’t with the emails I’m sending. It’s that Dreamhost servers are used by spammers, and that’s ruining it for the rest of us because we share the same IP address. A friend yesterday told me he was having the exact same problem as me.

I’m not sure if Dreamhost have any remedial measures in place but from what I’ve seen so far it appears not.


And do you know what the huge irony is here?

I keep missing the email notifications that Dreamhost send me about new posts in this thread — because they keep getting marked as spam.


I would suggest writing in to support again and including as much detail about a particular message as you can (date and time sent with time zone, from address, to address, subject, mail client used, etc.). They should be able to inspect the mail logs and see if there is anything that may have triggered your messages being tagged as spam.

We have spent this year making improvements to our mail systems. A lot of the changes lately are focused on deliverability of messages and sometimes the checks can be very strict. Our tech support team can help verify your client settings and ensure your SPF records are setup properly.