Mailout tagged as spam

Dear all,
I started to use DH since november this year, so I am rather new to the game. I’ve been reading several posts you made and found many useful information, so thanks for that.

I have problem in finding something about my current issue. My email, going out from my domain are typically tagged as spam by many provider such as google and hotmail (and also the web domain where I work). Please note that I created both postmaster and abuse mails as was suggested on several posts and by the DH webpanel.

I wonder why that is and if there is a solution. I am looking forward to use my email on DH.

thank you in advance for you help.

bump… me too!!

it seems that the problem is related on how the return-path is formed.

We have a domain in

Using wordpress, the new users get their confirmation mail from info@agenda-ejecutiva dot com, but the Return-Path:

How can we solve this?

Comcast also blocked (as spam) an e-mail that I sent to one of their users on Sunday night. I didn’t receive a bounce message from Dreamhost until today, so I had no idea that my e-mail wasn’t going through.

I wonder if my problem is related to return paths too. Obviously my return path is – but that’s not what I’m putting in my outgoing e-mail. (Is there an easy way to fix this?)

Any solution to this? Outside folks say it is a pointer PTR record and Address mismatch for mine. They blame dreamhost. Not sure if it is my settings.