Mailman 'who' command

I need to retrieve a list of members on one of my discussion lists. Some googling suggests that I should use the ‘who’ command, but when I try this I get a message back telling me the correct syntax to use for the who command, and that my request was not processed. Any ideas? The command I’m issuing is simply:

who password

though I’ve tried appending just in case!

Cheers, Paul

Just some guesses, though I did test this quickly with a (non-DH) Mailman install.

Are you sending to: ?

Also, make sure you don’t put “who” in the subject line - Mailman seems to process that first.

Just put:
who [password] in the body

Make sure this is the password for your user and that you can login with that email address / password to the site - not sure if the master password for the list will work here, though it might. Also, check what restrictions you have on viewing of list members from the mailman web interface. If you have Mailman configured so that regular members can’t view the subscriber list, that might be causing some problems if it’s not recognizing you as the moderator / list admin.

I was sending to, and putting who in the subject. I changed both of those, and it now works! Thanks Will!

I think the second thing there is the problem - should work as long as you selected the option to create those aliases from the panel when you created the list.

The message that Mailman kicks back definitely makes it non-obvious what it’s barfing on.