Mailman to FudForum2 Integration

Hi All,

I’m hoping somone can help me with a big problem I’m having with my site. We currentlu host a group at This gives us the facility to have a mailinglist, integrated with a web forum, Gallery and document management, all related to the groups activity of home brewing. Due to some major instability at Smartgoups I am looking at setting up the same thing on the shared servers at Dreamhost.

I have decided on all the components that I need and we are going to use Joomla! to front the whole thing. I am however unable to get the integration between FUDForum2 and Mailman working. I can post on the forum and recive the post in my mailbox from the mailing list, and when I post from the mailing list, it returns to me but never appears in the web forum.

The reason for choosing FUDForum was that it does have this integration with mailman, and I should say that I have had it working in the past, but having stripped my site back to the minimum for the install prior to going live It has since stopped.

The integration is achived by using procmail to pipe the mail to a php script. after much cursing the correct procmail recipe was found, and the procmail log shows that its working in that it has a line that says “Executing php maillist.php 1”. but the message still does not appear in the forum. I modded the .procmailrc file to copy the email message to a file, and then use CAT msg.file | php maillist.php 1 from a ssh session, and that executes with no errors . .AND the message appears in the forum so there doesn’t apear to be an error in the maillist script.

I have been in extensive communication with the author of FUDforum2, and he is suggesting that its a permissions problem, but as I have chmoddd the files and directories to 777 that can’t be the case. The other possibility is the user that procmail is executing the script under. I was under the impression that as Dreamhost run php as CGI it runs under the user account, which also happens to be the account that I logged in to my ssh session as.

Anyone else done this? Anyone have any ideas?

As a last resort does anyone know of any other forum software that has a mature interface to Mailman, and will integrate with Joomla!

le Man (The Brewer Formerly Known As Aleman)