Mailman sync with Maridadb

DH runs MM.2 which doesn’t allow sql. I have a membership database in Mysql and monthly (+) send a newsletter via MM. I’ve found a way to:
curl… add or del and email
curl http://list.mypage… get a list of all MM members

then in a php script:
array1 = curl … get all mm members
array2 = select email from memberdb
foreach (array1 as x) is x not in array2 del from mm
foreach (array2 as y) is y not in array1 add to mm

and my local DB is in sync with MM

curl -s ‘’ | sort", $data);

curl -s “$H/add?subscribees=$2&adminpw=xxxxxxxx”
curl -s “$H/remove?unsubscribees=$2&adminpw=xxxxxxxxx”

$1 is add/del
$2 is the email in question

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Maybe typo: 2nd to last line mentions $1 but I don’t see it used in the Curl calls above it?

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