Mailman reminders=off for new subscribers



Why in the mailman administrator interface I have

Send monthly password reminders? No

but when I add new members via “Mass Subscriptions”, and the new
member logs in, he sees

Get password reminder email for this list? (*)Yes

And a “set show” email confirms
Your current option settings:
reminders on

And as there is no way to turn this off for all current users via the
administrator web interface, and the shell scripts are not accessible
on Dreamhost, probably the administrator must login as each user and
turn it off individually, as one does not wish to bother each user to
do something just because there is no button to control it on the
administrator interface… and even if there was, who could trust it.


We don’t ever send out monthly password reminders for any user on any of our hosted lists so all of these settings are meaningless in our environment.

If we were sending password reminders out, I’m pretty sure the list-wide setting would override any individual user settings.

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