Mailman problem


I run a web page(s) for a local org. They/we have a function once per year that needs email communications. As people sign up for various functions: attending A or joining function B etc. I collect name, phone, EMAIL, etc. I’d like to use Mailman - but that means manually entering several hundred emails - each year. The main reason I would like to use Mailman is the person in charge of “A” needs to send out “who/what/when/how” emails and I can NOT get them to use BCC - To a; To b; To c; To d;… and then someone does reply-all and I loose my cool.

All of my data is DB’ed (mysql) and I could re-invent the mail(man)/wheel … but… And I’ve looked at AnnounceList but it seems to have the same 'web only" .