Mailman Not Working

Has anyone else found that their DH Mailman is not functioning?

It appears that our one small list has just stopped functioning since a couple of weeks back.

Messages sent to the list never get forwarded, and never show up in the archives.

I can log into the admin back end, which looks OK, but that’s it.

There have been no error messages.

Does anyone know if there are logs that I can access?

Sweet mother of God! Twenty-four hours since I filed the support request, and not a sound out of DH.

This is no longer a company that I want anything to do with.

Support seems to function better with the chat function these days. Tickets don’t seem to get a response within 24 hours anymore.

and while dreamhost does read the forum, it’s not an official way to contact support. Your original post doesn’t say that you opened a ticket with support, but your second post discusses dreamhost not answering your support request. A forum post is not considered contacting support, to contact support you must either chat or create a ticket (both are functions you can find within )

Yup - filed a support ticket. No response.

yes, it’s not surprising… recently more people in the forum are reporting better success with the chat to support option. I’ve not used it personally, there are also more recent reports in this forum of support tickets going unanswered for more than 24 hours.

Are the emails being sent from yahoo accounts?

Hi there - I’m sorry for the delay! Our team has been backed up a bit lately and we’re trying to catch up as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I see we emailed you yesterday about this. If you’re still having issues with Mailman, please reply to our email with your follow-up answers, and we’ll be able to check our logs for you. Thanks!