Mailman not archiving

I just created my first distribution list yeserday and now the DNS is up and working and I’ve been testing it out. Subscribing email addresses and sending mail seems to be working fine. However, the archive does not seem to be working, nothing is getting archieved. I double checked the options and everything I can in the “Archive” section is set okay.

Is there a cronjob of some sort I need to setup as required for WebCalendar and the reminders? Or is already setup to done on a periodic basis and not instantenous? I also notice that the default says to create a new “archive” on a monthly basis – surely I don’t have to wait until September for it to start working do I?

Any other suggestions or experience from using this? The KB article didn’t cover anything in this regard. TIA…

Nevermind, apparently there is just a longer lag than I was expecting…it’s working.