Mailman: Edit convenience addresses


Is there a way to edit the convenience addresses for Mailman? In the panel, if I try to edit, it says I can’t edit convenience addresses. I’d like to simplify some of them in a way that Mailman recognizes, rather than just creating additional forwards to the real addresses.



Scott, I don’t know of a way to do that either. I know that is not much of an answer (as I can’t even say whether it can, or can’t, be done) but after all the help you have given others I just hate to see your question go without any response at all. :wink:

Maybe this “bump” will encourage someone who knows more about this than I do to speak up!



I’m trying to think back when I set up the list, and I think the only choice I had was to turn on convenience addresses or not. No choice as to what they actually were going to be. I’d like to have the outgoing messages and other list info to show an easier convenience address for posting to the list.