Mailman DL alternative

I/a customer have a discussion list (MM). The group keeps: name, address, phone, email in a spreadsheet - just moved to Google. There’s a problem with keeping the DL and the SS in sync as the MM list is a very manual process. And no way to automate via cmd-line scripts.

I have a simple Php script that will CURL http://google. .spreadsheet | cut emails, uniq and Ihave a up to the minute email list.

Then using a imap_open/search Php script I can get the new email(s) sent to the list and forward said email to the list. DH is asking that I send no more than 300/hour - will only take 6 hours. But MM does all 1800 in ?2 minutes?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Problem solved:
curl -s “http://lists.[myMMlist]/roster.cgi/[myMMlist]?roster-email=[myadmindemail]&roster-pw=[mypasswd]” | sort >
then php/bash/cut “name at” to “name@dom…”[link to my sheet]/pub?output=tsv | script the emails out
then sdiff >

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