Mailman convenience addresses don't work

I created a mailman list this morning (received the list creation confirmation message more than 10 hours ago). Things seem to be working okay, except that the “convenience addresses” aren’t working.

In the control panel, Mail > Manage Email, it looks as if the addresses are set up – for instance it says the address

forwards to

But when I use the first version of the address, I get the error message -
SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO:<>:
host []:
550 <>: Recipient address rejected:
User unknown in virtual alias table

When I use the “” version of the address all works as expected.

I’ve checked a couple of the lists that I’ve had created for some time – those convenience addresses still seem to be working just fine.

I’ve reported this to support, but since I spent about an hour convincing myself I hadn’t done anything differently this time, I thought I’d post here to save someone else the grief. My workaround for now is just to tell my users to use the “inconvenient” address forms – with the extra “lists.”

Is anyone else seeing this problem – or other very long delays settng up e-mail forwarding aliases?

I have had that experience in several instances. It’s pretty aggravating as sometimes the addresses work almost immediately (within minutes!) but on other times it has taken between 24 and 48 hours; I have no idea why that is.

I once spent the better part of 1/5 days needlessly “debugging” a formmailing script, only to find it “automagically” fixed itself once the forwarding addresses began to work.

Before assuming something is wrong with those addresses, be advised they might just be “slow” in being properly created/functioning :frowning: .


Well, the addresses appear to be working now. It was more than 24 hours, and less than 10 days – but I was offline for a week and can’t pin it down more than that.

There wasn’t any response to the support incident, which now seems to be closed, and I’ve pinged them about that.

Check your support history on the panel. You might find a response that didn’t actually make it to you via email. (You may also want to check your admin email address).


Yes, I had checked the support history, not just my e-mail.

I did receive a reply to the second query:

We apologize for this, it seems there was a delay in mailman set up, normally, they should be created in a few hours. We are terribly sorry about the delay.