Mailman configuration changes?

Hi, I host a dozen or so mailman discussion lists on Dreamhost, and in the last day or so I’ve noticed that some of the configuration options have changed - untouched by me.

In particular the “public name of the list” has changed back to, say, “Listname”, from the lower case “listname” that I prefer.

But more importantly, the subject line prefix has changed, too. For instance, if I’ve got a list, I usually change the prefix to “[Foo Members]” instead of the default “[Members]” which isn’t as useful for folks scanning their inboxes and trying to identify/filter list messages. All of a sudden the lists got the prefix changed back to the default, “[Members]”.

So, before I go through and change all those back again, I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and identified other configuration parameters that I should check.

Yes, I filed a support incident – and will post back any info I get from Dreamhost.

The only list I am currently running at DreamHost has not experienced the changes you describe, but it does sound like DH might have changed something on you. I’d be really interested in support’s response to your ticket! :wink:


According to support, the affected fields are


It’s not yet clear whether they’ll be able to restore the old values or whether I’ll need to go through and fix them all.