Mailman - Can't Send Messages to List

I’ve successfully created a few Mailman discussion lists, but messages sent to the above list don’t appear on the list or in the archive. I’ve turned everyone on the list but my e-mail to “no mail,” since I’ve been sending test messages. Suggestions?

How long ago did you add the list, and did you make any changes that might have messed it up?

I would suggest that this is a problem better addressed through the support system, since most of the people on this forum won’t be able to help you with this problem – it does appear to me that something is messed up with the list.

I tried creating a missing directory, but the fact that this is missing leads me to believe that the list wasn’t created properly.

You might also try removing the list and re-creating it (preferably with a different name).


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve submitted it to support. I created the list a few days ago, the same way I’ve created other “good” lists.