Mailman 'audit' List

What would be the best approach for setting up an email list for club members to have ‘read-only’ participation in a board-of-directors email list, without a ton of adminstrative overhead? The version of Mailman my list is on doesn’t seem to have the capability to subscribe new members automatically as ‘moderate,’ which would probably be an OK way to do this.

I thought maybe setting up another list for the audit members and subscribing that list to the board list was the way to go, but that turns the audit list itself into a discussion list in its own right. The concept I’m after is really to subscribe an ‘announce’ list as a member of a discussion list. But the announce list requires cutting and pasting individual messages, doesn’t allow for attachments, and is not automated. Ideas?

Another Mailman question: these are restricted lists based on membership in a dues-based club, I have no real way of matching the email address of subscription requests to Real Names of members. Will the new Mailman release have the capability to associate a Real Name with an Email Address on subscription? Last I checked MojoMail didn’t have that capability either. It’s looking like I may have to put up a form to mail the information to me and then add names to the subsciption list manually. Which is what I consider significant administrative overhead :frowning:

Are you on the old or the new Mailman machine? I’d suggest being moved to the new one, assuming you’re on the old version, because the new version makes it really easy to do what you ask.

You can associate names with a subscription in the new version as well.

Ah, I’m on geronimo which must be the old one. Just had a look at v2.1 and it looks like it should fit the bill nicely. I’ll ask support to move me. Tx!