Mailman access

I’m new to DH and have just moved a web site from another provider to DH. I am waiting for the old provider to update DNS and unlock the domain so I can transfer it to DH. They seem to be taking their time at that…

Meanwhile, I’ve replicated the Mailman lists I had with the old provider though the nifty DH control panel. I am wondering if there is a way to configure them while I wait for the DNS update.

I have my domain set to mirror the domain of interest, and can access the new web site there. But I can’t seem to get to to do Mailman configuration. Am I SOL until my unresponsive former provider does their part?

You need to mirror the subdomain as well. So, if you want to access before DNS updates, you need to manually mirror it to, as you did with your actual website. However, be advised your links may be broken until the DNS updates.

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Thanks, but I created a new DH subdomain,, for the purpose of mirroring the, the subdomain created by DH when I created the Mailman lists for However, the mirror section of the domains panel does not present as a choice. It only presents

Sorry, but I’m still stumped! (And my old provider is still not responding to emails.)