Mailman accept_these_nonmembers

I have two discussion lists set up on my account:


I want to set up board@ to automatically accept without moderation any emails from any subscriber to membership@. I have included @membership in the accept_these_members setting for board@. I have a test user whose email address is a member of the membership@ list but not of the the board@ list; I try to send an email from this user to the board@ mailing list. I still get the non-member waiting-for-moderation response to the sender.

I’m not sure to what extent it matters, but if I send a lists command to board-request, it can see the membership@ mailing list

Anyone seeing anything I should be doing differently?

I had the same problem, came here looking for a solution . . . but I think I just found one! Instead of plain @LISTNAME, I entered @LISTNAME-DOMAIN. (In the example above, that would be @board-.)

LISTNAME-DOMAIN is what appears in the Mailman URL after /admin.cgi/, that’s where I got the idea.