Mailmam stopped working or too slow

We have been using Maiman list server software for several months without problems. Unfortunately, today it stopped working and no messages went through for about 6 hours. I understand that Mailman is sometimes incredibly slow. Anything can be done about it? I have submitted a support request but no response so far.

It’s a me too!
Mailman doesn’t work for me either today. Seems to be an mailman outage. No confirmation yet from support.

Same for me.
I am very embarassed.
I proposed a friend to open a discussion list for 21 persons that have a common project.
I set up this list yesterday and did some testing. Worked fine though seemed rather slow.

Today I wanted to do some more tests but there is no reaction from Mailman.
No reaction to adding new members, no reaction to unsubscribing members,
no sending of any post from any member.

I have sent a ticket to DH too…

Why did I test the D.L. ? When hitting reply, one of the member’s posts showed an addition
of her own address AND the list address …
Just wanted the list addy… I suspect this has something to do with her mail prog. config ?