Mailing Lists


So I use listmessenger for my mailing list and have migrated all my servers from Media Temple to DH. I have a private server but DH is now telling me that I can only send 200 messages an hour. This seems like pretty tight restrictions for a private server. I have over 4000 users on my mailing list and can’t think of a workaround? Any thoughts here or should i just move to a new host?


Actually, DH support should have been telling you that they can increase your outgoing email limit to 500 per hour if you can demonstrate that your list is completely compliant with the DreamHost anti-spam policy (and that you can’t send any bulk email, at all, irrespective of the quota, if your list is not completely compliant).

They also should have pointed out that there is no limit to list emails sent using the provided Announcement List software DH provides (which is completely compliant with DH’s policies).

–DreamHost Tech Support


500 an hour is still kind of a pain in the ass. I have over 4000 people on my mailing list (who signed up)> 8 hours to send a newsletter just seems like a lit. And moving everyone to announcement list doesn’t seem like a viable option.


I understand completely. It may well be that DreamHost’s mailing services are not adequate for your bulk emailing needs. This is just one of the reasons that we make it so easy for you to use outside email if you need to, as you have full access to your MX records.

We are primarily a web hosting service provider and, while we are glad that the email services we provide in conjunction with our hosting plans are useful for the great majority of our customers, we fully appreciate that one size does not fit all and that the email we provide will not meet the needs of all users (particularly bulk emailers).

Good luck, and whatever you decide to do I wish you only the best, and a happy holiday season.

–DreamHost Tech Support


Well I thought a private server would be sufficient for these kinds of things, it is not like I am using a shared server. Even media temple give this kind of access for a shared account. I guess I need to look at going back to them.


The issue is not the web server, PS or shared server at all; it is the management issues with the ramifications of bulk emailing, and the difficulty in keeping our email servers off of blacklists, etc. that dictates our outgoing email limits.

This is completely unrelated to the web server you are using. All DreamHost accounts use shared mail servers to send email. :wink:

As I said, DreamHost is not the best solution for every user’s needs, and if another provider better meets your needs, we understand that and encourage you to do what is best for your situation.

–DreamHost Tech Support


I guess I just feel kind of duped here. It was a big effort to move all of our site from another private server to DH and we were sold on all the good features. This is something that really needs to be posted in the “What’s not so great about DreamHost PS?” section because this is a huge issue for companies like mine.


That’s an interesting thought. I see nothing at all in the PS information that should have left anyone with the impression that PS service would in any way change your email service, but I will forward your suggestion to those that produce those pages.

What would you suggest should be written there?

–DreamHost Tech Support