Mailing Lists


Can you please post a bit more info about your mailing list support.

For example:

How many lists?
How many members?
Available in all plans or extra cost?
Moderation support?

Thanks a lot.

Barry Caruth.

Thanks for this feedback Bob.

I’d like to hear the “official” line from somebody at DreamHost.

If I’m going to switch my host to DreamHost I would need to see some official info about the availability of mailing list features and a clear list of capabilities and limits.



For an “official” line from someone at dreamhost, i would suggest writing directly to This message board is more for unoffical questions and answers, although for the record i have never had any trouble setting up mailing lists at dreamhost.

Here’s the official response from Brett at DreamHost…

Hope it’s of use to others.



–Start of quote–

We provide you with Mailman, an open-source mailing
list program. You can find more information about
Mailman (documentation, etc.) at

Currently we offer 10 lists for an additional monthly cost of $4.95 per month on each of our plans. We do not limit the number of subscribers each list may have. Please not also that we do not limit the size of messages, though all messages will pass through your DreamHost disk space, so you need to ensure that enough space is available to handle
large attachments. Mailman has its own web-based control panel that enables you to control list membership, subscription requests, and just about anything else that you can think of.

–End of quote–